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California Homeowners Insurance

The cost of homeowners insurance in California has increased due to the recent housing boom. The higher the home values, the more coverage your home will need to be covered for. The replacement cost of the California home has gone up with the rise in construction cost. This does not mean you should be paying more than you should for your CA home insurance policy.


Disasters Not Covered
A homeowner's insurance policy is designed to help protect your home and personal property for most disasters. However, earthquakes and mudslide are not covered in a standard California homeowner insurance. Many homeowners in Laguna Beach were not aware that the mudslide that destroyed their home a few years ago was not covered by their policy. It is important to know what is covered.

Ways to Save on California Home Insurance
The easiest way to save money no matter if you are from Northern California or Southern California in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, is to compare insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies online with just one form. Our partnership with a number of insurance agents allow you to accomplish this with only a few minutes of your time. You will find that you will be able to find cheap affordable homeowners insurance.

Another way to reduce the cost of your policy is by insuring both your automobile and your home with the same insurance company. This can save you as much as 20% off your insurance costs.

Increasing your deductible on your policy can save you a bit of money on your California homeowner's insurance policy.

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