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Health Insurance Prices

Health insurance cost has been rising annually at over 10% for the past few yeras since 2000. PPO plans have gone up to over 10 grand a year for an entire family. A lot of employers have health insurance plans that they help pay for their employees. This greatly reduces how much families are responsible to pay for to a few thousand a year, which is much more affordable when it comes to health insurance.

Traditional indemnity insurance is usually the most expensive for an individual person. PPO plans are the most expensive for a whole family.

A traditional indemnity insurance plan can cost close to $7,000 with employers usually picking up half of the tab.

HMO plans are the cheapest type of health insurance just because you are restricted who you can go to in your area. HMO plans usually cost around $3,500 a year with employers usually paying clost to $2,800 of that.

PPO insurance plans average close to $3,800 a year with employers paying around $3,200 of it. The greater amount is definitely worth the flexiblity.

The average price for POS plans is around $3,600 with employers contributing around $3,000.
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