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Car Insurance Coverages

This is the most important coverage in an auto insurance policy.

A lot of people have assets that need to be protected, but the majority do not have the slighest idea as to how to properly protect their assets. The people who are most at risk are people who own their own homes or businesses and only carry whatever their state's mimimum liability coverage. They think, nothing will ever happen and when something does happen, it is too late to do anything about it.

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The importance of car liability insurance is why it is the most expensive coverage of an auto insurance policy. It is also the least understood coverage due to all the little parts of the coverage, which includes bodily injury and property damage coverage. Make sure you understand fully liability insurance so you don't under or over insure.

As mentioned above, the two main parts of liability coverage are bodily lnjury liability coverage and property damage coverage. Bodily injury liability coverage is relatively simple to understand, although most people believe otherwise. The coverage protects you against liability that you would be accountable for if you caused an accident which resulted in minor or major injuries to another party.

The person(s) injured may be in another vehicle, a pedestrian or someone in your vehicle. This does not normally include another named insured on your policy, such as your spouse. You need to check with your car insurance company for a definition of a named insured as how they define it in your policy. This could vary from different insurance company to company and state to state, depending on the state insurance laws.

There are many areas covered under bodily injury liability coverage that most people are not aware of; however, bodily injury liability coverage is very basic once you grasp the concept.

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