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Save on Auto Insurance

Check Credit Rating
All states with the exception of California, use credit rating as a factor in determing auto insurance rates.

DMV Record
Be sure to verify whats ony our DMV record. If there are any inaccurate data such as accidents or speeding tickets, your cost for auto insurance will be a lot higher then it should be.

Double Check Accident Reports
Sometimes accident reports contain inaccurate report of what actually happen. If your about to get a quote for auto insurance, you might want to check any past accident reports.

Don't Let Coverage Lapse
Keep auto coverage without a lapse makes a huge difference in car insurance rates.

Higher Deductibles
The higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be.

Package Insurance Rates
A lot of insurance companies offer not only multiple car discounts but also offer discounts to consumers who have insure their other policies with them such as life and homeowners.

Good Student Discount
If you are a student, you are already paying a higher insurance premium, so save by taking advantage of the good student discount.

Safety and Security Features
If you have anti-theft devices and safety features as in air bags and anti-lock brakes, make sure your insurance agent knows about it to give you a discount.

Driving Safety Course
A good majority of insurance companies will reduce your rates if you take approved safety courses in driving.

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