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Insurance Quotes, a website, was first developed to help inform and educate consumers about the different types of insurance quotes, which includes, life, car, health among other types of insurance. People need to learn how they can get cheap insurance quote online. Don't just go directly to a local insurer without doing some quote comparison shopping. Comparison quote shopping will be worth the time to save you money in the long run, especially with our 14 years of experience.

One of the most frequently asked questions from consumers has been "Which companies sell insurance in my state?" No one wants to be ripped off. I.I.I., also a non-profit organization has a nice online tool page to help list some of the major insurance companies within a given state.

Insurance Tips

Auto insurance rates have been steadily rising the past few years. This is one reason why consumers must shop around for the best car insurance rate. Keep in mind these factors that help determine your cost for insurance:
  • The type of car and specific safety features
  • The amount of miles driven and type of driving
  • Family claim record, including the number of accidents and their severity
  • Driving record, number of points, including speeding tickets
  • Age, gender and experience of driver
  • Credit based insurance score.

Car Insurance Rates

III estimates based on U.S. Bureau of Labor CPI data, company filings and trend projections.

Life Insurance
Learn about the differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance as well as universal life insurance and variable life insurance.

Auto Insurance
Auto insurance advice to help you find ways to save money for yourself as well as reducing teenage car insurance cost and premiums from companies such as USAA and Farmers Auto Insurance.

Health Insurance
Health insurance advice which helps explains what fee for service, deductibles and other health insurance vocab.

Homeowners Insurance
Learn about home and condo ho6 insurance tips and rates. Special rates for California Homeowners Insurance policies for our visitors.

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